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26th September 2007

blindmenfeelsun8:44pm: MOD// IM BACK
okay girls, if you remember an awesome girl named perfect_end, well thats me, a year later, and better than ever.

this community needs to liven up, and now i have a tad more time to put towards it.

I want people talking about us, people posting to us, and pictures of anything, everything, and anything you want put on here.

Ill start:
Recent picture of me

Few updates in my life. I am at my first year of college at Murray State University, and I love it.

I am dating a man right now, don't hate me. I am pansexual, ask if you dont know what that is.

Thats all for now. Please post!

1st January 2007

fritojr16911:17pm: please dont get mad
so i promissed my friend i would help her start her communities.. and um.. other people here are doing it to... therefore im gonna do it to

please forgive meCollapse )

21st October 2006

perfect_end3:22pm: okay girls.
guess whos faorite ex-mod, co creator saw rent live last week!!

it was fantastic.

please ecome more active.


3rd August 2006


13th July 2006

lai_lai_ranma2:43pm: Change In Member Icon

Please replace my previous user icon with this one.

8th July 2006

lai_lai_ranma12:36pm: Theme
My first crush on a girl happened in the 8th grade. It was the girls from TATU.
Ok, ok, I'll be serious. My first real one was in 9th. Her name was Heather. She was in my science class and sat next to me. I would always stare at her long straight blonde hair, flawless face and carefully rounded breasts. I would always wonder what it would be like to touch them, to lick them and if she'd moan or whimper.
It continued to 10th and she ended up in my history class. I would always stare at her from across the room and imagine things I could do to her, how I would bring her to a fantastic orgasm and love her, if she only gave me the chance.
But, things happened and I found out she was as fake as a Barbie doll.
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hey girls.

Sorry ive been gone. 
bad news- im going out of town tomarrow for a servant event, so i wont be on at all for about a week.

in other news, i bought my first car. 
1990 cadillac deville. 
haha, im a pimp.

but yeah, ill miss you all, and talk to you when i get home!

your friendly mod

3rd July 2006

lai_lai_ranma11:22am: Rant
You ever feel like nothing you do goes right?
How can someone say they love you and then ditch you for some time, saying they don't want to get attached? How does that work?
*sighs* Why is it girls tend to break my heart harder than guys? The one time I actually find a girl who sounds interested and she just blows me off.
*broods* Whatever.
Current Mood: cranky

2nd July 2006


hey girls.

why is that whenever I have to go away for a few days, no one posts?

I don't like this one bit. 

So to the couple people who tried to make me laugh last week, thanks so very much. 

I havent been on that much, because i work every day, and i have my liscence so ive been everywhere in the city of louisville in the past week.
So Anna and I are pretty much the most sappy chicks ever. 

We might get married.

but you know, its still in the air.

your friendly mod

25th June 2006


All right guys. 
I've been off a few days. 
I know, shame on me.
 I suck as a Mod.


Both Anna and I are having horrible days, and I think it would be awesome for all of you to either reply to this to cheer us up, or make a fun post. 

All I should really say without Anna's permission, is both of us have been crying almost all day. For completely different reasons.

If you really want to know what is wrong, you can read my journal. 
But seriously girls, 
i need a smile.

19th June 2006

perfect_end8:57pm: MOD// camera whoring = life.

Okay lezzies,
i'm thinking that alittle camera whoring might pick this place up, 
so be a sheep, and follow me.

Okay girls, 
your turn.

Have fun, 
that's what it is all about.

Your friendly Mod,

perfect_end8:15pm: MOD// because I said so!

Okay, girls.

So I know that this community is for gay girls, but I have a couple straight friends that are going to be joining us.

When they post thier application, you are NOT.
I repeat NOT
allowed to vote no on them just because they are straight.
These girls are the biggest Rent heads I know.
Both have seen Rent in New York,
numerous times.

So when they post their apps, and I think that your no is because they are straight, you will have to deal with me.
I am the nice mod, but i can be a real bitch sometimes.

OKay? their user names are kms33 and kdf6431.
they are two of my best friends, 
so be nice.


love to all.

Your friendly mod,

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nvisiblemirage6:53pm: Application :-)

lai_lai_ranma1:55pm: Camwhoring!!!
I'm hardly a cam-whore, but I try..

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